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MK9540-72A38 Honeywell MS9540 VoyagerCG Scanner USB Kit Light Gray

MSRP: $200.00
Price: $130.00
You Save: $70.00 (35 %)
Voyager® 9540 Series of Single-Line Laser Scanners

Honeywell's Voyager 9520 and VoyagerCG 9540 hand-held, single-line laser scanners feature patented automatic infrared activation and can decode all standard 1D barcodes, including GS1 DataBar™. The VoyagerCG hand-held barcode scanner also includes CodeGate® technology for menu scanning applications. CodeGate zeroes in on the desired code and completes barcode data transmission with the push of a single button.

Automatic Trigger: Use scanner as either a hand-held device or a fixed presentation scanner when mounted in the stand

650-nanometer laser: High-visibility laser allows user to place laser line on selected bar code

CodeGate: Zero in on desired code and complete data transmission with the push of a single button—ideal for menu scanning applications (MS9540 only)

Flash ROM: Future proof POS system with free firmware updates via MetroSet®2 software and standard PC

Parsing (Data Editing): Format bar code data to meet host system’s specific requirements

Item Number: MK9540-72A38
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Manufacturer Part No: MK9540-72A38
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